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Aviation Firsts and Cessna 208 Training

Do you remember Amelia Earhart? And the tragedy that beset her? She had so many Aviatrix “firsts” that you might think there are no “Firsts” left for a lady pilot. In fact, you might think there are no “Firsts” left for anyone. Yet, such is not the case in either instance. For example, Julie Wong, a Palm Beach-based flight instructor just announced that she is going to attempt to be the first Chinese woman to solo around-the-world, which will also make her the first Chinese woman to circumnavigate the world in an aircraft. As a result, AVIATION FIRSTS AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING is something that might very well be possible for YOU!!!

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Artificial Intelligence Fighter and Cessna 208 Training

You want a real “ooh wee ooh?” Consider this, George Orwell only missed “Big Brother is watching” by 20 Years! Now, here’s another “ooh wee ooh:” TERMINATOR 3: THE RISE OF THE MACHINES may very well be only twelve years off! For the first time ever, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) pilot defeated an Air Force Colonel in virtual combat. As a result, if your name is John Connor and you look anything like Arnold Schwarzenegger you may want to keep on your toes! And, if you are interested in Aviation, you probably know that you need to stay abreast with the ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FIGHTER AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING.

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The Simulators Market and Cessna 208 Training

For decades if you mentioned the phrase “Big Three,everyone knew you meant FORD, GENERAL MOTORS and CHRYSLER. Today, however, if you are affiliated with the Aviation World, the “Big Three” you are pretty apt to be referring to is CAE, L-3 Link Simulation & Training UK and FlightSafety International – the group that, by far and away, are responsible for the creation and production of Flight Simulators for the training of pilots!  And that, of course, is why THE FLIGHT SIMULATOR MARKET AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING may very well be of interest to you!

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Abu Dhabi and Cessna 208 Training

THINK HARD: What do File Clerks, Sewing Machine Operators and Door-to-Door Salespeople all have in common? Still thinking? Ok, I’ll give you a hint: What do Pinsetters, Milkmen, Ice Cutters and Lamplighters all have in common? Yep, that second group are individuals whose jobs have “disappeared.” And, as you have probably already surmised, the first group is those individuals whose occupations are on the way out. That’s why if you are interested in aviation, especially if your job revolves around it, you should be most interested in ABU DHABI AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING.

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Paint Innovations and Cessna 208 Training

When I was in college a buddy of mine was on the swim team. This one Saturday there was an especially important meet, and all of our male swimmers decided that they would glide through the water a lot better if they shaved their legs, reducing the amount of “drag” their legs would create. I don’t remember if we won the meet or not, but I do remember that our team had a lot better looking legs! When it comes to aircraft, aerodynamics can affect both performance and efficiency, so PAINT INNOVATIONS AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING is an important consideration for pilots.

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British Airways and Cessna 208 Training

There are, in life, several times that an individual seriously considers career choices:

  • At about age seven, when we all want to be a super-hero
  • At about age eighteen, when we graduate from high school and are dipping our toes in the pool of life.
  • At about age thirty, when the realization that we have a family to raise and a career really matters.
  • At about age fifty, when we feel like all of our previous choices seemed to have missed the mark.

“Interestingly enough,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, pointed out, “getting into the aviation field, even as a pilot, at age fifty isn’t all that far-fetched.”

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The New Pilot's Bill and Cessna 208 Training

At a time when it appears that the government is prying into, and trying to control!, virtually every aspect of our lives, it truly was a breath of fresh air when the Senate recently passed the Pilots Bill of Rights 2, a major part of which terminates the need for most recreational pilots to get a third-class medical certificate more than once. As a result, the impact of THE NEW PILOT’S BILL AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING is something the whole General Aviation world should be aware of.

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