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Aerobatics and King Air 90 Training

To say that not every pilot can fly Aerobatics would be a major understatement! Taught to military fighter pilots as a way of enhancing flight skills and for combat tactical use, Aerobatics is the art of flying maneuvers not found in normal flight. Frequently, smoke is used to enhance the maneuvers, allowing viewer to better see the path of aircraft. "The Black Cats" were the first military aerobatic team to use smoke in September of 1957.

"There are a number of countries that have such teams," Dale Wescott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas shared, "and often they are the featured attraction at airshows attended by the public."

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Pilot Training and the Cessna Caravan Simulator

When it comes to Cessna 208 training, King Air 90 training, King Air 200 training and King Air 300 training perhaps one of the best things that you can deal with is the use of Flight Simulators!

"What people can't imagine," Jason Wolcott, Vice President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, pointed out, "is how much money can be saved through the use of Flight Simulators."

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Health Considerations and King Air 300 Training

If you have ever wanted to go "Where no man has gone before," there is good news and bad news: The bad news is that it is going to cost you nearly $250,000 to go. The good news is that, for the most part, virtually everyone is healthy enough to go into space!

VIRGIN GALACTIC, the firm currently "recruiting" civilians for space travel, has run a number of tests where they measure both pre-spin and post-spin heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood pressure have found that a number of people, even with what might be considered "health conditions" can participate in the program.

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Pilots Processing Multiple Cues and Cessna 208 Training

When you are traveling faster than the speed of sound to say that you need to have quick reflexes is an understatement. But, when it comes to handling an aircraft at optimum level, natural capabilities are not enough. Rather, training becomes a major factor in the equation. That training accounts for a high degree of the experience that a pilot receives. And, with the advent of simulators much of that experience can be obtained while never leaving the ground!

"One of the main reasons we utilize both a Cessna caravan simulator and a king air 200 simulator," Jason Wolcott, Vice President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas explained, "is because studies have shown just how advantageous a simulator can be."

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Turbulence and Cessna 208 Training

Sometimes when we think of aircraft passengers and their discomfort we think of passengers on commercial airlines. However, many General Aviation pilots often find themselves with passengers who might feel uncomfortable when they encounter Turbulence as well. That's why TURBULENCE AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING is something that shouldn't be overlooked."

"Probably the first thing to understand," Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, shared, "is what, exactly, Turbulence is."

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Emergency Landings and Cessna 208 Training

There are a number of reasons why people seek Cessna 208 training, King Air 90 training, King Air 200 training, or King Air 300 training. One of the main reasons, of course, is to know what to do in case of an emergency, especially the need for an emergency landing. In this technological age that we live in, it is not surprising that someone has developed an app to help with that possibility.

“It’s kind of neat,” Jason Wolcott, Vice President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, noted, “but nothing can take the place of proper training when it comes to facing an emergency situation while airborne.”

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Becoming an Airline Pilot and the Cessna Caravan Simulator

Since virtually the dawning of time, man, and boys!, have wanted to fly. The Greek mythological characters Daedalus and his son, Icarus, reflect that fact. You know the story - - after being imprisoned by King Minos of Crete, Daedalus crafts wings of feathers and wax so he and his son could escape and Icarus became so enthralled with flying that he disobeyed his father’s warning about flying too close to the sun. As a result, the wax on his wings melted and he plummeted to his death in the sea.

“Well,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, advised, “feathers and wax won’t get you airborne these days. But,” he went on, “if you are a young person that yearns to fly for a living, there is no doubt that TURBINE TRAINING can help you make that a dream a reality.”

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