“Look - - up in the air - - - it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying car?!?”

No, we haven’t taken to writing Science Fiction! Rather, this is part of our quest to keep our Blog Readers as completely informed as possible regarding the evolution of Aviation. And, the idea of Flying Cars is one that is being seriously considered, very seriously, by what is becoming one of the premier people-movers in the country -UBER. That’s why it is important for everyone involved in the Field of Aviation to stay abreast of UBER INNOVATIONS AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING.

“One of the ways I have heard their vision described,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, shared, “is as ‘people transporting drones.’ The concept is, to say the very least, an intriguing one.”

What they have in mind is developing a fleet of electric aircraft that, like helicopters, would employ VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing) and would help beat the parking lot - like grid we refer to as “commuting.” With a range of 50 – 100 miles, the craft would fly from one “vertiport” to another, conveying passengers either to or from work.

“The reality, and feasibility, of this program is probably best reflected,” Jason Wolcott, TURBINE TRAINING’s Vice President, pointed out, “by the fact that UBER was able to lure Mark Moore, who was working as Chief Technologist in Mobility at NASA’s Langley Research Center, into accepting the position of Director of Engineering for Aviation at UBER.”

When it comes to UBER INNOVATIONS AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING, those at TURBINE TRAINING understand the importance of ensuring that they stay on the cutting edge of every aspect of the Aviation Industry, allowing students to accomplish their dreams and goals while being as safe as possible! As one of the leading cessna training centers in the country, TURBINE TRAINING features both Initial and Recurrent Training for Cessna Caravan, Cessna 208 training; King Air 90 Training, King Air 200 Training and King Air 300 Training. If you have any questions about the process for receiving TRAINING, contact TURBINE TRAINING at 1-866-335-1224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..The Wolcotts and their staff would be happy to assist you in your quest for Initial Training or Recurrent Training regarding Turbine Engines and will give you the opportunity of being on the cutting edge of training by using their simulators.

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