Have you ever wondered what it would be like to “fly” in a flight simulator? Well, if you were ever fortunate enough to enjoy the STAR WARS ride at DISNEYLAND you did, in fact, get a little taste of what it is like. If you want to enhance your “Amusement Park” experience you might want to locate one of BROGENT TECHNOLOGIES “I-Ride” offerings, BROGENT’S next generation Panoramic Flight Simulator. Consisting of nine moveable platform units, a spherical screen and projection system it provides six Degrees of Freedom (6-dOF), which allows you to move in six different ways: Yaw, Sway, Surge, Pitch, Roll and Heave. However, when it comes to FLIGHT SIMULATORS AND KING AIR 300 TRAINING amusement is not the intended goal!

“We have found,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, shared, “that by utilizing our flight simulators we can save our pilots-in-training both time and money while providing a great deal of needed experience.”

That Flight Simulators are truly the wave of the future is reinforced by the fact that HONDA AIRCRAFT COMPANY recently announced that they are establishing a new Flight Simulator at their HondaJet Training Center on the campus of their world headquarters in Greensboro, North Carolina. The Level D, full motion simulator was developed as a result of collaboration between HONDA AIRCRAFT and FlightSafety International. The new unit’s sophisticated software can precisely replicate an aircraft’s flight characteristics. Developed to provide a full range of scenarios, the new Flight Simulator will enhance a pilot’s “safety training.”

“We feel that with our FLIGHT SIMULATORS AND KING AIR 300 TRAINING we are on the cutting edge of Flight Training,” Jason Wolcott, Vice President of TURBINE TRAINING offered, but you need to understand that ‘cutting edge’ in any technological field can change virtually over-night!”

Without a doubt Jason was alluding to the “breakthrough” recently experienced at NORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY, where a team of engineering students is working on developing a system that will allow pilots to fly a simulated airplane using nothing but their brainwaves! To date, they have developed an interface that allows a pilot to achieve up to eight commands, allowing the plane to actually do a couple of flight maneuvers.

When it comes to FLIGHT SIMULATORS AND KING AIR 300 TRAINING, those at the TURBINE TRAINING CENTER understand the importance of ensuring that you know everything possible about the progress of Flight Simulators! As one of the leading cessna training centers in the country, TURBINE TRAINING features both Initial and Recurrent Training for Cessna Caravan, Cessna 208 training; King Air 90 Training, King Air 200 Training and King Air 300 Training. If you have any questions about the process for receiving TRAINING, contact TURBINE TRAINING at 1-866-335-1224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Wolcotts and their staff would be happy to assist you in your quest for Initial Training or Recurrent Training regarding Turbine Engines - and will give you the opportunity of being on the cutting edge of training by using their simulators.