"He flies through the air
With the greatest of ease
The daring young man
On the Flying Trapeze!"

For decades those Americans who wanted to fly got their inspiration from circus performers like the one described above. In modern day parlance those would be members of the GI Generation and the Mature/Silents. Then came the Baby Boomers, and thoughts of flying centered around CESSNAs and PIPERs. The challenge today, however, is trying to get members of Generation Y, those born between 1981 and 2000, interested in flying. And, as a result, AVIATION CAMP, GENERAL AVIATION AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING is something all pilots should be aware of and concerned about!

“Aviation Barnstormers are already a thing of the past,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, said somewhat sagely, “and I firmly believe that everyone who has a love for flying needs to make sure that General Aviation doesn’t suffer the same fate.”

There are a number of people concerned about AVIATION CAMP, GENERAL AVIATION AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING, up to and including the Federal Aviation Administration. As a result, in June of 2014 they partnered with the University of North Texas and Tarrant County College to conduct one of the Aviation Career Education (ACE) camps for high school juniors and seniors.

“One of the challenges,” Jason Wolcott, Vice President of TURBINE TRAINING, “that we face is the fact that Baby Boomers are starting to decrease in number, and the following generations aren’t picking up on the desire to fly on their own. It is almost as though as they are as satisfied to spend their ‘air time’ in a computer simulated craft as they are in a real plane.”

That’s why every General Aviation pilot needs to recruit a protégé and mentor them in the ways of General Aviation so that they, too, will develop a love for flying.

When it comes to AVIATION CAMP, GENERAL AVIATION AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING, those at the TURBINE TRAINING CENTER understand the importance of ensuring that they stay on the cutting edge of General Aviation promotion to ensure that you receive the training necessary to allow you to accomplish your dreams and goals! As one of the leading cessna training centers in the country, TURBINE TRAINING features both Initial and Recurrent Training for Cessna Caravan, Cessna 208 training; King Air 90 Training, King Air 200 Training and King Air 300 Training. If you have any questions about the process for receiving TRAINING, contact TURBINE TRAINING at 1-866-335-1224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Wolcotts and their staff would be happy to assist you in your quest for Initial Training or Recurrent Training regarding Turbine Engines - and will give you the opportunity of being on the cutting edge of training by using their simulators.

To learn more about TURBINE TRAINING go to: www.turbine-training.com
To learn more about this topic, research “Aviation Career Education Academy Program” and “The Death of General Aviation”)