While Kermit the Frog extols the difficulty of being green, the Aviation world, like the rest of society, knows that it is important that they work diligently to do their part. That’s why “GREEN” AIR TRAVEL & KING AIR 300 TRAINING is as important of an issue to General Aviation as the rest of the Aviation Industry.

“In the latter part of November,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, noted, “there was a meeting in Montreal where the whole concept of sustainable development for Aviation was the center of attention.”

Dale was alluding to the World Aviation Forum of the International Civil Organization’s (ICAO) first ever conference. Conferees realize that the impact of air travel on the Environment is undeniable, based on such issues as:

  • The Industry is responsible for some 2% of global human-made contribution to greenhouse gas.
  • With 3 billion air passages in 2014, growth is expected at a 5% rate – which leads to both increased air and noise pollution.

“Canada is making real strides in this realm,” TURBINE TRAINING Vice President Jason Wolcott added, “especially through the efforts of the Green Aviation Research and Development Network.”

Through this group’s efforts, both Canada’s first biofuel powered commercial flight and the first flight of a civil jet aircraft powered by pure biofuel.

The airline industry, in general, is putting forth a vision through which they intend to embrace a sustainable future. Things they hope to achieve are:

  • Carbon-neutral growth form 2020
  • 50% reduction in greenhouse CO2 emissions by 2050 (Compared to 2005 levels)
  • Improvement of fuel efficiency by an average of 1.5% annually until 2020

When it comes to “GREEN” AIR TRAVEL & KING AIR 300 TRAINING, those at the TURBINE TRAINING CENTER understand the importance of ensuring that they stay on the cutting edge of the airways to ensure that you receive the training necessary to allow you to accomplish your dreams and goals, and be socially conscious at the same time! As one of the leading cessna training centers in the country, TURBINE TRAINING features both Initial and Recurrent Training for Cessna Caravan, Cessna 208 training; King Air 90 Training, King Air 200 Training and King Air 300 Training. If you have any questions about the process for receiving TRAINING, contact TURBINE TRAINING at 1-866-335-1224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The Wolcotts and their staff would be happy to assist you in your quest for Initial Training or Recurrent Training regarding Turbine Engines and will give you the opportunity of being on the cutting edge of training by using their simulators.

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