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Turbine Training Center's Caravan C-208 and King Air 90/100/200 and 300 Series Simulators

caravan simulator

At the heart of Turbine Training Center's Caravan and King Air courses are the best training devices in the industry. The full motion, enhanced system simulators were designed, developed, and constructed with only one purpose in mind – learning!

These simulators developed by Turbine Training Center are the one and only training device that goes beyond typical aircraft replication. The combination of motion and 160 degrees of independent visual display provides unequaled motion perceptions. The computer-driven flight model for our simulators is the most accurate and versatile ever developed and has set the standard for the industry. Instructors can create any conceivable flight scenario tailored to the student's real life requirements.

Garmin G-1000 Simulator

For pilots who fly or will be flying G-1000 equipped aircraft, we offer G1000 training at no additional cost!

Special Note

As an additional benefit to the customer, Turbine Training Center will provide up to five hours of actual dual flight training in a "customer-provided" Caravan or King Air at No Additional Cost!

King Air simulator
Motus Flight Simulator
Garmin-1000 Simulator