Why Air Tractor & King Air Pilots Choose Turbine Training Center

Personalization of Training

We structure your course based off of your specific usage of the aircraft. We understand that not all operators use their Air Tractor or King Air in the same fashion, so why should all training be the same?

Low Stress Environment

  • Real-world, operator specific training
  • Low student to instructor ratios
  • Standard 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule (NO NIGHTTIME SIM SESSIONS!)
  • New, modern training facility and simulators

These are just a few of the ways we provide you with HASSLE-FREE TRAINING!

Flexibility of Training

We understand that your schedule is busy, and sometimes it’s difficult to find time for required training. That’s why all courses are available EVERY WEEK. No matter how difficult your schedule may be, we will work with you to get your courses scheduled in a timely fashion and during a time period that works for you.

Cost Effective

Just because we cost less, doesn’t mean you’ll get less!

  • More simulator time
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Free dual instruction in your aircraft!
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