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3-Day Course for Pilots/Owners who have recently transitioned to King Air

Day 1: Our pilot comes to you and you come to TTC. Minimum 4 hours flight time to KMHK. VFR/IFR with multiple stop ins for approaches and landings enroute. On arrival orientation at TTC and initial academics.

Day 2: Academics and a minimum of 4 hours simulator time stressing abnormal and emergency procedures. Minimum of 2 hours night flying in your aircraft in the KMHK area with a minimum of 4 approaches.

Day 3: Our pilot returns with you. Minimum 4 hours flight time to your base. VFR/IFR with multiple stop ins for approaches and landings enroute. On arrival all endorsements, course certificates, and logbook entries endorsed and signed.

  • Upon course completion you are day/night current, qualified and confident in YOUR aircraft
  • Insurance requirements met for Initial Qualification and dual flight
  • FAR 61.56 Biennial Flight Review
  • FAR 61.57 Instrument Proficiency Endorsement
  • FAR 61.31 High Altitude Endorsement

Courses Offered

Initial Training (90/100/200 Series)

  • 3 days

Recurrent Training (90/100/200/300 Series)

  • 2 days

Turbine Transition / New to King Air (90/100/200/300 Series)

  • 3 days for those recently transitioned to King Air more info

King Air Simulator (Per Hour)

If you have your own training program but would like to incorporate full-motion King Air simulator time or would just like to get a few hours to polish your skills, we can make that happen. Call (866) 335-1224 for details.

What's Included & Pricing

  • Flexible scheduling
  • No more than two students per instructor
  • Lodging (3 nights initial training, 2 nights recurrent)
  • 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. operating days with no late-night simulator sessions
  • Course manuals
  • More sim time!
  • Course completion documentation
  • And more!

Contact us for scheduling and current pricing. Pre-pay, and multiple pilot discounts are available.


Full Motion King Air Simulator

At the heart of our King Air training is a full motion, enhanced system simulator designed, developed, and constructed with only one purpose – learning!

It goes beyond typical aircraft replication with a combination of motion and 160° of independent visual display for unequaled motion perceptions. The computer-driven flight model is the most accurate and versatile ever developed, setting the standard for the industry. Instructors can create any conceivable flight scenario tailored to the student's real life requirements.

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Specialty Courses

  • Air Ambulance Training: Classroom and simulator training that meets the accreditation training requirements for your company to become CAMTS certified (Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems).
  • Jump Pilot Training: Specific training for operators/pilots who utilize the Beechcraft King Air. Initial and recurrent courses that are designed specifically for the Jump Pilot. These courses not only encompass our standard, initial and recurrent materials, but also focus specifically on the utilization of King Air aircraft in jump operations.