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ALL NEW Air Tractor Course & Simulator!

  • New Air Tractor 502/802 simulator
  • No extra charges or hidden fees
  • Lodging included with a private hotel room
  • Initial & recurrent pilot training
  • Pre-pay and multiple pilot discounts available

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Training Facility for Beechcraft King Air & Air Tractor Pilots

For Beechcraft King Air 90/100/200 & 300 Series operators and Air Tractor 402, 502, 602 & 802 pilots, initial and recurrent training, ag-pilot turbine transition, jump pilot certification, or CAMTS Accreditation is almost always a hassle. Here’s the good news… it doesn’t have to be.

Flexibility of scheduling, operator focused curriculum, efficient simulator and classroom sessions, all at a realistic price. It’s not what you are getting from other training providers, but it is EXACTLY what you will get with us.

No nonsense, no wasted time, no hassle… just the way it should be.

Safety Through Simulation

* All courses offered weekly for quick & flexible scheduling: Initial, Recurrent, Ag Pilot Turbine Transition. *

We proudly support our United States Military.

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Patriot Guard Riders

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