About Turbine Training Center — Air Tractor, King Air Pilot, Robinson R-66, & Bell 206 Pilot Training Facility

Who We Are

Turbine Training Center is a unique training facility for pilots and operators of the Air Tractor 402/502/602/802/802A models, Beechcraft King Air 90/100/200 and 300 series aircraft, Robinson R-66 and Bell 206 rotorcraft/helicopters.

Initial and recurrent courses are taught by professional instructors who are high-time Air Tractor, King Air, Robinson R-66, and Bell 206 pilots themselves.

Training begins in the classroom but then moves to our full-motion simulator for the reality-based flight training for which the Turbine Training Center and GATTS, Inc., our sister company, are known.

Where We Are

We are centrally located in the beautiful Flint Hills of Manhattan, KS.

Located approximately 120 miles west of Kansas City, Manhattan is best known for being the home of Kansas State University.

Immediately to the west of Manhattan is Fort Riley. Fort Riley is home to America’s Finest Fighting Force, The 1st Infantry Division (Big Red One).

Our central location and daily flights on American Eagle from Dallas and Chicago make getting to Manhattan easy!

Where We Came From

Over the years, the trend in the industry has been moving away from piston engine spray planes toward more modern and powerful turbine-powered aircraft. Many ag pilots have found themselves somewhat “behind the power curve.”

The Turbine Training Center began providing turbine transition programs to ag pilots and other soon-to-be turbine pilots in this arena.

Although TTC still provides turbine transition training to ag pilots, for over a decade, we have focused most of our attention on initial and recurrent training for Air Tractor, King Air, Robinson R-66, and Bell 206 pilots, as well as adding jump pilot training and CAMTS Accreditation.

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Why We Are Here

Our goal has always been to provide the most efficient, effective, and personalized training at a realistic price and with a schedule that best fits your demands. We believe that you should always have a better option. We understand that not all pilots and operators are alike. We know that initial and recurrent training can sometimes be a hassle, and we understand that you are busy. We are here to provide the training you need in an environment you can enjoy and at a price you can afford.

We’re here to make it hassle-free.

Turbine Training Center conducts academic and simulator-based training programs to provide initial and recurrent proficiency training, including 14 CFR Part 61 and 91, that satisfies insurance underwriters' required training. Our primary objective is to enhance safety by preparing pilots to recognize and respond to emergencies in flight simulation's unique and highly effective environment.

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Training Pilots From All Across the United States

Training pilots throughout the United States