One sometimes has to wonder what the state of aviation really is. There is no doubt when it comes to commercial aviation that is extremely popular. However, there is some concern that it is damaging to the planet, and most everyone agrees that the tighter security measures causes more than a little irritation with people. Like Commercial Aviation, General Aviation has some concerns, too.

“There are challenges that we are facing,” Dale Wolcott, President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, shared somewhat philosophically, “that cannot be ignored, and that those of us who love flying must take the lead when it comes to resolving the issues in question.”

The “issues” include, but are not limited to:

  • Safety of air lanes (especially in certain “foreign” airspace).
  • The Cost of Flying.
  • Time Investment needed to Fly – especially in getting a pilot’s license.
  • The possible future elimination of 100LL avgas.

“One of the things that General Aviation really needs if it is going to not only survive but thrive,” Jason Wolcott, TURBINE TRAINING’s Vice President offered, “is dedicated leadership within the industry. And,” he continued, “that leadership is going to have to come from virtually everyone involved with General Aviation.”

Like any activity or pastime that needs to survive, it must be “passed down” from generation to generation. As a result, each and every individual involved with General Aviation must make sure that they spend their days serving as “Goodwill Ambassadors” to the cause! While “recruiting” might be a little bit strong of a term, the reality is that if we don’t convince the younger generation that there is nothing like the freedom of soaring with the eagles, and not just in a simulator but in actuality, then General Aviation might find itself being replaced by the equivalent of MADDEN FOOTBALL!!!

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