For Christmas, my friend got a Dick Tracy Watch Phone! Well, it wasn’t a real Dick Tracy Watch Phone, but, by golly, as long as he has his Smartphone in his pocket he can actually call, and talk to people, on his watch! As there are numerous innovations in the communications realm, so are there in the Aviation world. And, 2016 AIRCRAFT INTERIOR CONCEPTS AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING may very well be something you will be interested in.

“What we have discovered down through the years,” Dale Wolcott, the President of TURBINE TRAINING in Manhattan, Kansas, noted, “is that things developed for, and by, commercial airlines tend to filter their way down to General Aviation, and that, undoubtedly, will be true with the Aviation Interior Concepts of 2016.”

These concepts include, but are not limited to:

  • Built in Tablet Holders
  • Celeste Seat with Forward Recline
  • “Flightbeat” Airline Seat Concept
  • Y-Seat
  • Solar Eclipse

“There are several of these,” Jason Wolcott, Vice President of TURBINE TRAINING shared, “that could be most beneficial to those of us in General Aviation.”

Wolcott was specifically referring to:

  • Built-In Tablet Holders which would allow personal tablets to be integrated into the aircrafts systems.
  • Celeste Seat with Forward Recline allows the best use of limited cabin space.
  • Solar Eclipse by capturing sunlight on “smart window shades” one is able to charge electronic devices while in flight.
When it comes to 2016 AIRCRAFT INTERIOR CONCEPTS AND CESSNA 208 TRAINING, those at the TURBINE TRAINING CENTER understand the importance of ensuring that they stay on the cutting edge of the airways to ensure that you receive the training necessary to allow you to accomplish your dreams and goals, while being as safe as possible, and staying on top of all Aviation Innovations! As one of the leading cessna training centers in the country, TURBINE TRAINING features both Initial and Recurrent Training for Cessna Caravan, Cessna 208 training; King Air 90 Training, King Air 200 Training and King Air 300 Training. If you have any questions about the process for receiving TRAINING, contact TURBINE TRAINING at 1-866-335-1224 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  The Wolcotts and their staff would be happy to assist you in your quest for Initial Training or Recurrent Training regarding Turbine Engines and will give you the opportunity of being on the cutting edge of training by using their simulators.

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